How To Choose The Right Web Hosting

When you are in the market for a new web hosting service you are in for a ton of opportunities. There are so many of them to choose from that choosing the best for your buck is actually a tedious task. What is important today anyhow when choosing, is it the size of the storage or the speed of the bandwidths? Well depending on the style of your business and what you require either all of them are important or just some specific thigs. The main point of this article is to enlighten you on what are the things to keep an eye on when looking for the right web hosting service.

What are some of the things you need to check before you choose:

– Know the level of your hosting needs.

– Research the host’s reliability and uptime guarantees.

– Read the company’s ToS to find out about usage policy.

– Check out other supporting features like site backup, environmental friendliness, and other things.

– Check out their upgrading options.

– Check additional hosting features. Things like the number of addon domains allowed.

– Cross check the prices with other businesses.

– Check the hosting control panel.

Web hostingYou see these things are very important for beginners and for advanced users. For instance, if the host has good prices for singing up but then you notice that their renewal is priced much higher than you may have fallen into a trap. Since nobody likes to move their domains once they have settled in this can be considered a dirty move on their side. For that reason, you must know the background of every hosting service as you have to do what is best for your business.

Also, you might want to check how their support system is functioning. If they have a good support system this might be the thing that tips the scales. A terrible support system is what can set your content backward if some problem pops up, but if they have a good support system nothing can stand between you and your content making it big.

Know your needs

The most important thing when looking for a new web host is to know what your needs are and can they provide them. Since there are many businesses offering this you just have to think about the following:

– What kind of website are you planning to build?

– Is your web traffic limited and how big can it go?

– Do you plan to use common things like a blog or WordPress?

– Do you need Windows applications and how compatible are they?

– Do you need any special software?

Web hosting

These are just some of the basic questions that you need to answer for yourself before you go host shopping. Additionally, if you plan to store JSON data in the cloud you might consider Jdrop provides a place to store JSON data in the cloud with only the fraction of the price that other services will charge you.



3 Very Good Reasons Why You Should Use A Private Blog Network (PBN)

If you are wondering what you can do to build up your domain network and to get recognition on the google SEO then you probably figured out by now that Private Blog Networks are the way to go. When you decide to go this route, you have to ask yourself a fundamental question. Is PBN’s worth it?

Here we will give you 3 very good reasons why we think that a PBN is worth your time and money.

Complete control over your domain

Private Blog Network

When you think about domains you know they take lots of your time and money. The last thing you would want to happen with your content is for them get deindexed of the google SEO.

For this reason, when you think about a PBN you some people get too scared to invest into them as they are scared their content will have problems. The truth of the matter is if you have a PBN you have complete control over the content and what will happen with it.

If you want to succeed you have to invest tons of time and you have to have good content. But even with that if you don’t get enough traction on that content you are out of luck. PBN’s and how they function are a good way to get your content up on the ground. No other online strategy will give you this much control and opportunity.

Complete authority

When you start a Private Blog Network you are in fact leaning on the value and authority of an aged website. For this reason, you get instant and complete authority on a website that is new and without any leverage. This is exceptionally good for a website that has amazing content or new content but that does not have a good outreach and maybe not enough time to get to that place that it deserves to be.

No need for the third party reach out and relationship building

Private Blog NetworkWhen you decide to build a PBN you are committed to the idea of working for your own content. There is no reason to reach out to other parties and hire them to do their part so your content can get the recognition it deserves.

This can be both good and bad since you have to do all the work, but then again if you are the sole person or organization that is responsible for the success of something then you get to reap all the rewards.

There is one more thing that PBN have over other systems. For instance, provides a place to store JSON data in the cloud and PBN’s don’t require you to function only over the cloud, you can branch out.

So, are there any negatives for owning a PBN? Definitely, the cost, for instance, is one of them. Owning it all can slowly rack up the price and your money can be spent on other things, however, if you do get your content where you want this is a surefire way to not just make the money invested in but a lot more.

Hosting A Private Blog Network (PBN) As Safely As Possible

When you want to host a PBN you have to spend lots of time and money into such an endeavor. After all your hard work the last thing you would want to happen is for your domain and your business to get deindexed on the google SEO. There are seven ways that you can stop this from happening and some of them are actually basic PBN rules that you just have to implement.

The basics:

When you want to build a good Private Blog Network you first have to make a web of domains that can’t be connected to one person. They all have to look and feel like they belong to many different businessmen that are here for the same reason but are not collaborating.

PBN Hosting

The thing is you have to add a working and visually impressive theme, the content needs to give off a unique content vibe, and don’t forget to add many images. You have to do this for all your sites so they look authentic. Once you do all this we move to the next steps.

Unique C-class IP addresses

Your PBN’s need to have different IP addresses. This is a must for each of them. This is one of those simple mistakes that people make not thinking about how this can affect their deindexing power on google. If you do this correctly you don’t have to worry about getting deindexed that fast.

Unique nameservers

So, changing the IP servers was done and you think the job is done. Wrong! Next step that you have to take is to have unique nameservers so google does not associate all your domains. Once this step is done you have added another layer of protection but we are not done yet.

Unique SOA email addresses

SOA stands for Start of Authority. This is also one more thing that gets forgotten by many beginners. If you want google to not find any footprint between your domains you have to also have unique SOA email addresses for all your domains. Some can be on the same SOA email but we don’t recommend more than a few.

Avoid Spammy IP addresses or hosts

PBN HostingThis is one more important factor that must be taken into consideration. If you pick a host that hosts lots of spammy IP addresses than your domain might be just bulked up with the rest and considered spam. You have to be extra careful when choosing this as you can’t control what the host allows but you can choose where you want to place your business.

Additionally, if you want to store your data on the cloud might we suggest that you try  Jdrop provides a place to store JSON data in the cloud at the fraction of the price of others.

When you have done all that you are safe to host as many domains as you wish and your business is safe from deindexing in the near future.

Should You Choose A Windows Or A Linux As Your Web Hosting Package?

When you decide you want to get a web host whether it’s a new web host you want to transfer your websites on or you just came into the internet game and you need a fresh start you are in for a tough choice. On the internet, there are always tons of choices you can choose from and usually many of them have different results and are offered at different prices. So, the question is how can you make the right choice for your business?

The thing is first you need to know what is it exactly that you need and then you need to dive into that side of the internet to dig up all the offers. After that you need to decide where you want to go with your content as it’s not just important to know what you want to do, but how you want to do it, and for how long. When it comes to picking a hosting package the basic choice you have to make is if you want to go with a Linux based web host or a Windows.

Choosing one over the other.

When you have the choice, you have to consider all the benefits of them both for your business. The truth of the matter is you don’t have to have a specific operating system to have your website hosted on one of them.

web hosting

Picking one won’t be beneficial when it comes to compatibility. They are both compatible with a high rate and both function and can perform the same functions. The only difference is the preference that you have or the language that you know to use in one of these two operating systems.

Also, if you are wondering can you control the content on your cloud on both of these hosting systems the answer is yes. We used as Jdrop provides a place to store JSON data in the cloud. However, you can also use other sites if you choose so.

The real criteria when choosing which operating system to pick:

Choose Microsoft if you need more of Microsoft Access, ASP, .NET and last but not least Microsoft SQL Server. Some of these are available on the Linux and some or not what is important to understand is that some work better on the windows platform. It all depends on what you want to focus on and what you can trade for another version of it.

web hosting If you need more of Need Perl, PHP, Blogging Software, WordPress, MySQL than you might feel safer with the Linux. Again, same as above some of these works good on the Microsoft package but when it comes to problems and problem solving they are better handled on the Linux. Basically, you have to choose between your preference and the need of certain things that can be replaced.

We strongly suggest you take a good look and to consult with your partners if you have any as when you transfer to a new environment they also need to adjust their work to it.

What Is Web Hosting

Web hosting is a very simple term that can envelope many different things into it. In its core, web hosting is the action that allows other businesses and individuals to host a website or a web page on the internet. The web hosting provider is the business that provides the web hosting service as well as many other services that they charge a price for. These hosting services can be a monthly fee or they can be a flat price.

What happens when somebody wants to access your website

The whole ordeal is pretty complex when you get into the detail but on the surface, it’s pretty easy to explain. So, if an individual wants to check out your website, first he needs to know the exact name of the site and type it into his browser. After that, his computer sends a request to your web hosting server and will transfer your page onto their computer.

web hosting

Almost all web hosting companies require you to own your domain if you wish to be able to host your site with them. However, if you don’t own one you can purchase one with them.  Additionally, you can also view who is the owner of any particular website by checking their domain.

What you need to host a website

There are a few things that you need to organize before you can host a website. First of all, you have to have a website designed. If you are not a designer you have to hire a designer to do the job for you. Second, you have to have your site protected and it has to function correctly. For this, you need to hire a web hosting service and check with them if they have a support service that can fix issues. Then you need to decide what kind of hosting service you want to pick.

There are different options available:

web hosting– Collocated Hosting

When you host with this method you need to purchase your server and house it at the facilities of your web host. The responsibility of the server will be all yours which is good since you can be in total control but bad if something unpredictable happens.

– Shared Hosting

This method gives one server to more than one website. Sharin a server has its benefits, for instance, the cost will be much cheaper and them instance will be split among the number of the websites that are hosted on the server, but the downside is that your website will work a bit slower.

– Website Builders

This is a web hosting service that caters to the beginners. They usually host the website for you without any additional help, and they provide you with an interface to build your website.

– Dedicated Hosting

This is the best one of them all but also the most expensive one. Here you have the server all to yourself. Web sites that have lots of traffic and require a fast response time should pick this one.


How To Switch Your Website From One Web Hosting To Another

Ifweb hosting you decided to switch your web hosting service for another one that means you are ready to pack up everything and move to a new home. It does not matter if you wanted to upgrade your website experience or you just found a cheaper place to stay, moving from one web hosting provider to another is similar to moving from one house to your next one in the physical world we live in. The only difference is we call it exporting.

Think about it if you needed to move in the real world you would have to pack up your things, get a new place, change your address, sign new documents and place everything in its right place and organize how you would like it to be.

There are of course steps when you decide to move so let’s list them all down.

Purchasing a new web hosting service

If you are in the market to get a new web hosting service then you are in luck. There are hundreds of good web hosting services and a few excellent. They all come with their perks and limitations and all have a different price tag on them. Also, you can consider purchasing a third-party provider so that if you decide you want to switch your web hosting service again in the near future you can do so without any complications and additional issues.

Backing up your site

The next thing you want to do when you settle in is to back up everything to the new site. You don’t want to move without backing up everything as small issues might pop up in the future causing you a headache. Do the safe option and backup all the data. If you are moving a WordPress site the transfer is even easier. You just use the /Export function and it’s all done.

Double check everything

Don’t forget that once you move there is no going back and most of the data that has not been transferred is lost. So, double checks everything.

Switch the DNS records

web hosting

Once you do this you generally secured your site from losses traffic. If you don’t do this person that type in your old site will get an error screen. With this in place, they will be re-directed to the new one where they can perform the task they wanted to do in the first place. Just be careful that you don’t have a long downtime as that is a sure method of losing traffic for a considerable time.

Once you have completed all the steps it’s time to get everything up and running the way it was before the move. We hope that your new choice will bring you more business and that you will be happy. If not you can always move again!

When You Need Help In Coding You Can Always Rely On DevDoc

When your job is connected to coding on the computer you usually spend tons of hours working and sometimes even after you have done everything you still have a lot more to do. If you ever needed to code and you did not know what the exact line was you had to check google, if you had to insert a programming language but you could not be sure if you entered it right, if you had to replace one line with another and you had to check with google how to do it, then you know the true pain of coding.

DevDocThe worst part is not doing all that if you know how you should do it, it’s that it takes so much time to go and search everything that you need that sometimes the research and copy of those specific things takes more time than the coding itself.

If you ever got frustrated with this and you just wanted to have a program that can help keep all those codes on an offline-accessible app then you should look no further as DevDoc has it all.

When you are in the web hosting business you have to have everything at your fingertips and the DevDoc is one of those programs that everyone should be introduced to.

– What does DevDoc do?

Devdoc is a web app that lets you search all the available coding languages so you can find all the lines of the code that you need at any given time. It connects them all and integrates itself into everything you need it to be integrated. You don’t need to spend countless hours on the search bar of google only to waste so much time on false results. When it comes to a web app that you should have as a coder this is the one to get.

– How does it work


It’s very simple the DevDoc web app downloads the index for the language you check the boxes that are given to you. So, for instance, if you wanted JavaScript, Jquery, and HTML you can just select those boxes and get all the coding lines indexed in the DevDoc app. If you want more you just tick more boxes. They are all available and all you have to do is just download them. Once you have all the programs that you need you can access them at all times even in offline mode.

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